Canadian artist, James Simon has been painting official portraits and portrait art since 1984. His work strongly evokes the characters of the subjects. Much research goes into his work especially with posthumous portraits. Not all of his portrait art is meant as official portraiture, however it is all notable for its stunning realism.

The portraits are painted from life with the exception of posthumous portraits which are derived from a careful interpretation of multiple photographs. An exceptional attention to detail makes these portraits recognizably authored by James Simon.

James Simon’s portraits are also noted for the beautifully worked detail of his elaborately patterned backgrounds, often with visual allusions to scenes in and around his own house and studio - a trademark of sorts. This is a bit of a departure from more traditional portrait art however this Canadian artist would define himself as a fine artist first.

James has been noted able to paint almost anything - well anything except perhaps a posthumous portrait of himself.

James Simon was born in Montreal, Canada, on November 21, 1950 and has already enjoyed a more than forty five year career.